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Webfleet Solutions Products

Webfleet Solutions web optimized SaaS® Platform provides an extensive range of fleet management products. In alliance with our impressive partner network, you’ll gain real time access to the insights, tools and applications that’ll enhance your fleet’s performance both on and off the road.

Our integrated partners include full TMS operating systems, route optimization solutions, as well as electronic job scheduling and booking systems with sign on glass driver feedback facilities.

Vehicle Tracking

With our vehicle tracking solution powered by Webfleet Solutions, you’ll clearly see where you can optimize your fleet’s performance so that you can make changes that will improve your business.


  • Easy to use, easy to install

  • Track your fleet from your office

  • Record and review your fleets behaviour

  • See the precise locations of your vehicles

  • Monitor driver performance and behaviour like harsh braking and steering

  • Expose patterns and anomalies

  • Additional proof of delivery support


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Fleet Optimization

Webfleet has the industry’s most comprehensive reporting, tracking and driver insights tool available. Webfleet’s dashboard reporting is customizable to help you identify areas of improvement and help your business reach its targets.


  • Ready to use reports

  • Spot trends and set benchmarks

  • Configure service, productivity and fuel indicators to your needs

  • Instant notifications; order status changes, vehicle maintenance and cross predefined geo zones


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Workforce Management

Enhance communication amongst your fleet and manage workflow efficiently with Webfleet Workforce Management tool. Assign jobs to the closest driver, taking the fastest route and avoiding delays with maps optimized by Webfleet Traffic.


  • Encourage effective communication amongst your fleet

  • Send comprehensive job information by text directly to your driver’s device

  • Help your drivers to communicate with present status, text messages and breakdown alerts

  • Avoid delays and provide accurate ETAs to your customers

  • Extend your Webfleet functionality with 3rd party apps like barcode scanning


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Green and Safe Driving

Improve your driver’s performance with OptiDrive 360, find fuel efficiencies with LINK in‐car devices and keep your vehicles maintained with Webfleet® vehicle maintenance that provides diagnostic notifications.


  • Coach your drivers to adopt a style the enhances your business performance with OptiDrive 360

  • Gain insight into fuel consumption, emission and spot trends for greater fuel economy

  • Keep on top of your vehicles health with vehicle diagnostic notifications and mileage information in real time.

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Encourage collaboration and transparency across your departments for greater results. Use the Webfleet® platform to customize your process and integrate applications that can help you to work effectively.




  • Use and share your fleet data across departments with Webfleet's open platform

  • Use our applications or find an application within our extensive partner network to get the information you need

  • Use and share fleet data across departments with Webfleet’s open API platform.


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