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Global GPS Tracking Integration Partners connecting webfleet

Please click the icon below to view all of the WEBFLEET Integration Partners in the WEBFLEET App Store.  There are 100’s to choose from. Please find below some of our promoted partners.

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iamcloud takes your inefficiencies, your pain points, your manual processes  and wraps them into a framework that will streamline  and remove double handling from your business.

We save you time and money by reducing your staff costs and simplifying  your business work flow. These operational efficiencies provide a competitive advantage and increased profitability.

iamcloud captures bookings, automates check-lists, dispatches to vehicles, calculates your costs and with the push of a button integrates with your accounting package.

We aim to nurture a long-term partnership with you to design, develop and deploy premium tailor-made software and IT solutions that best complement your business requirements.


Our innovative software and technology solutions are ideal for small-to medium sized businesses that employ between 20 and 500 people.


We welcome an opportunity to discuss with you the clear and tangible benefits that are guarantee will improve your business and your bottom-line.

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PTV Smartour is the new generation of vehicle scheduling and route optimisation software, it plans your orders info optimised routes, taking into account all restrictions relevant to you and your customers. This makes the software as individual as you are and it can be set up to match your workflow requirements, system environment and complexity of planning tasks. PTV Smartour provides many important functions to support you with your day to day planning tasks and help you achieve considerable savings.



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Nexus Service Manager is a cloud based application that offers the highest level of field service technology. This system is designed to collect all information and activities for your business. By integrating and centralising all business information, it allows for a more efficient and more accurate storage and reporting of information. Businesses can utilize the functionality of Nexus Service Manager to manage day to day jobs, quoting, invoicing, data capture and storage as well as use this software as your customer and employee database. Improve efficiency within the business, maximize productivity with field technicians and increase cash flow significantly

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Sensor2web by RMONI

Wireless or wired temperature sensors send their data via Webfleet Solutions LINK to the Sensor2web cloud platform.


Rmoni offers wireless or wired temperature sensors – LogMitters – which are easily installed in white vans, trucks & trailers. A receiver- LogPass – forwards these measurements in real-time to the on-board TomTom LINK530 that sends it through WEBFLEET to Sensor2web.

The customer can log in to and manage his / hers HACCP or GDP compliant temperature registrations and alarms:

  • Real-time Visualisation of temperatures in the vehicle

  • Alarming via email when temperature limits are exceeded

  • Automatic daily-weekly-monthly Reporting via PDF of all vehicles

Hassle free, end to end, worriless & wireless – your temperatures under control.

FREE CALL 1800 78 1234

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