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GPS Car Tracking Victoria

The Leaders in GPS Car Tracking in Victoria

Are you looking for an industry-leading supplier of professional GPS Car Tracking in Victoria? Look no further. We are ideally placed within the market to help you streamline your fleet management function, with more effective communication between you and your fleet.


At Global GPS Tracking, we provide a comprehensive service, with real-time fleet tracking and telematics systems to help you monitor and improve the efficiency of your drivers and fleet. 

The Benefits of Real-Time Fleet Tracking in Victoria

GPS Monitoring is about a lot more than just keeping track of where your vehicles are at any given time, or even monitoring the behaviour of your drivers on the road. The information that we gather can greatly improve the efficiency of your fleet, saving you thousands of dollars.

  • Identify deficiencies in your fleet and turn them into opportunities to save and even make money. Identify less congested routes, and schedule departures and arrivals to avoid congestion. This advance information will save you time and money and may even allow for an extra trip or two.

  • Significantly improve real-time communication between the office and the fleet to more accurately predict and report arrival times, loading times, and downtimes. You will be able to where drivers spend time and where they waste it.

  • Keep an eye on the traffic in real time. Change routes in real time, instructing your drivers while they are on the road. This function will allow drivers to avoid congestion and other traffic issues such as accidents, so that they spend less time sitting in traffic and more time making money.

What You Can Expect From Global GPS Tracking Regarding Real-Time Vehicle Tracking in Victoria

Our platform is powered by Europe’s number one fleet management system, aptly named Webfleet, and allows you to take your fleet management to a completely different level, with real-time telematics and communication, traffic monitoring and route planning to name a few.

  • Enhanced visibility of real-time data puts you in the driver’s seat. It allows you to make adjustments on the go, enhancing time management, optimising driver performance, saving on fuel costs and significantly increasing your overall fleet efficiency. 

  • Now you can jump in and take action where needed. Real-time monitoring from multiple sources allows you to monitor every aspect of your fleet from your office or even from your phone. Know where your vehicles are and how they are utilised at all times. 

  • You can view data from multiple sources all on one interface, checking on temperature, tyre pressure, vehicle performance and much more. These sources enable you to make decisions if and when needed and eradicate unnecessary delays in response times. 

About Global GPS Tracking

We are an end-to-end provider of fleet management solutions. Representing clients from a diverse range of industries, we have the know-how and experience to tailor a fleet management package to perfectly suit your company’s individual needs.

From car monitoring and tracking in Victoria to professional fleet management solutions, we have the answers to save you time and save you money.

Contact us today for more information.

Trust Us with Fleet GPS Tracking in Melbourne

If you have a business fleet that requires effective management, consider GPS tracking in Melbourne. Improve communication with your staff through an effective fleet management solution. At Global GPS Tracking, our priority is the safety of your fleet along with adequate maintenance of your team’s integrity. 

Benefits of Real-Time Vehicle Tracking in Melbourne

GPS, otherwise known as Global Positioning System, is a navigation system based on satellites. It entails 24 satellites in Earth’s orbit that distribute real-time information. In industries where a fleet is involved, you have to manage it effectively to ensure smooth operations. 

  • Installing a real-time tracking system in your fleet allows for efficient management of staff and drivers. Whether you’re transporting goods to various locations or staff have the privilege of operating company vehicles, a fleet management system offers you the opportunity to extract essential data about the vehicle’s location, driving habits and speed. 

  • An effective fleet management system enables you to provide real-time updates to your customers. You can check in on the status of a package at any time if transported via your fleet and in turn, keep the customer updated regarding the location of their package. Furthermore, if your vehicle is stolen, GPS tracking immediately provides information that assists authorities to track down the vehicle. 

  • The GPS software has the potential to deliver details about the vehicle in terms of its mechanics. When routine maintenance is due, alerts are sent to your email to remind you of an oil change, tyre rotation or general repairs. As a result, your fleet remains operational at peak condition, extending the life of the vehicles and avoids expensive repairs.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of GPS Car Tracking in Melbourne

You’re now aware of the numerous benefits to your business regarding fleet management. However, your drivers are people and must be encouraged to interact with the GPS tracking to maximise its potential. 

  • Build trust with your crew and be open about the fact that the fleet is equipped with GPS car tracking. Sharing that information with your drivers informs employees that you’re above board and are not trying to set them up for failure. 

  • Explain the benefits GPS tracking contains for them as drivers. In a world without technology, drivers have to record mileage manually, which an effective fleet management system eliminates. Additionally, if they’re in trouble, you have access to their location to send assistance immediately. As a result, they feel safer doing their jobs. 

  • Demonstrate to your staff how GPS vehicle tracking works. After that, use the system effectively to hand out company ad hoc benefits. Information about driver speed, performance and handling are readily available, which you can use as a measuring stick to reward drivers with gift cards, time off, and other perks at the workplace. 

About Global GPS Tracking

We’ve been providing end to end fleet management systems for 13 years and counting. We are dedicated to meeting the requirements of our customers and offer live demos to witness the technology in action. 

Contact us for your fleet management systems. 

We Offer Solutions for Fleet Management in Melbourne

Any industry that requires vehicles to operate must incorporate fleet management in Melbourne. It’s essential to keep control of your investments and manage them effectively. At Global GPS Tracking, we provide end to end fleet management solutions. We are in tune with our customers’ needs and provide a hardware and software platform powered by Webfleet Solutions that delivers high quality from the outset. 

The Importance of a Real-Time Fleet Tracking in Melbourne

Real-time fleet tracking does more than merely point to a location on a map. Several companies have adopted a fleet management system but have only touched the surface of its capabilities. 

  • Without a successful process, staff may take advantage of the situation. As a result, there is mismanagement of fuel expenses, billing discrepancies and disapproved usage of company vehicles. No control translates to severe overheads and an overall loss in your turnover. 

  • If you’re in the business of logistics and delivering packages to customers, a fleet management system is crucial in providing real-time updates. The customer is kept informed about the time of their delivery and can arrange their time accordingly. Using this increases customer satisfaction and the potential for repeat business. 

  • Insurance companies regard real-time fleet tracking as an asset to fleet management and recommend its installation. Your insurance provider may reduce your premiums and the chances of recovering a vehicle that contains the technology are much higher than if it didn’t. Due to the lower risk, your premiums could decrease by up to 30 percent. 

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Fleet Monitoring in Melbourne

Fleet management is an intricate and essential aspect of a business. It’s common to make mistakes when implementing these systems resulting in inefficient fleet management. 

  • With everything going on in a business, it’s easy to forget about driver training. Assuming that all drivers received training when you hired them, is a common but costly mistake. Regular training for drivers assists in reducing risk and increasing efficiency, which goes a long way in ramping up your company’s reputation. With the constant changes in the fleet industry and traffic laws, it’s imperative to keep your drivers up to speed. 

  • Maintaining your fleet is essential for the successful operation of your business. However, tight deadlines and increased demand leave fleet managers with a conundrum. Attempting one more job after the deadline for regular maintenance is a considerable risk and leads to breakages or worse, accidents. 

  • Your drivers are your biggest asset, and you should treat them as such. Occasionally host meetings to hear out the issues they experience and reward them when necessary. A happy crew translates to a positive reputation with your customers. 

What You Gain By Choosing Global GPS Tracking

We are a company that has been assisting with fleet management solutions for over 13 years. We are proudly owned and operated in Australia and cater to a variety of industries, from transport services to sales. 

Contact us for more information about our fleet management systems and see how we can help your business. 

The Leaders in Fleet Tracking in Victoria

There’s a whole lot more to fleet management than just knowing where your vehicles are and what they are up to at any given time. Advancements in technology have allowed companies to take their fleet management activities to a whole new level by using fleet data and telematics to improve fleet and driver efficiency, fuel efficiency and much more.

At Global GPS Tracking, we offer comprehensive fleet management and fleet tracking in Victoria, powered by the world’s number one fleet management software, tailoring packages according to your company’s individual needs.

The Benefits of Fleet Tracking in Victoria

An efficient fleet management system can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. Our service is powered by Webfleet, Europe’s top fleet management software, which allows you to achieve levels of communication with your fleet never before seen within the industry. This communication will enable you to fine tune your schedules and routes, monitor driver and vehicle performance and much more.


  • Our fleet monitoring in Victoria allows you to make the most of real-time information regarding traffic conditions, driver, and vehicle performance, making instant route and schedule adjustments that become available to your team on the road instantly.

  • Monitor driver and vehicle performance to ensure effective service schedules and maintenance planning. You can monitor driver performance and behaviour to see where fuel is being wasted and implement further driver training.

  • Our systems give you complete monitoring mobility—work from the office or anywhere else and from any device, including your phone. Now you can fully and efficiently support your team on the road and communicate with them individually or as a group instantly even if you are not in the office.

What You Can Expect From Global GPS Tracking Regarding Fleet Tracking in Victoria 

We offer end-to-end fleet management solutions to clients in a diverse range of industries, ranging from transport companies to civil and construction services, to name a few. We offer a wide range of telematics and fleet management services and solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

  • We will thoroughly assess your business needs and tailor your fleet management solutions package accordingly. Reap the benefits of the top professional fleet management system in the world today, with added features from our integration partners.

  • Our Webfleet Solutions software allows you to view real-time data from different sources, including from vehicle telematics systems, to enable you to make decisions on the go. Check the traffic and monitor tyre pressures, vehicle temperature, and driver performance at the same time.

  • Our efficient service offerings are comprehensive and will fulfil all your fleet management requirements from orders and schedules to telematics and fleet tracking in Victoria. From start to finish, we have the ideal fleet management solution for you.

About Global GPS Tracking

We are the leading fleet management solutions provider in Victoria, ideally paced to help you employ your fleet management effectively to not only save you money, but to make you money.

With over 13 years in the industry, Global GPS Tracking is the ideal company to ensure you meet your every fleet management requirement.

Contact us today for more information. 

The Value of GPS Vehicle, Trailer and Asset Tracking in Victoria

If you operate a logistics business with a vehicle fleet of any size, you can benefit from investing in our robust systems for asset tracking in Victoria. Knowing where your vehicles and assets are at any given time is crucial for managing your fleet, monitoring employee performance, identifying faster routes and ultimately eliminating waste in your organisation. Global GPS Tracking has the tools to help you realise these benefits.

Benefits of Our Vehicle Monitoring System in Victoria

What makes vehicle tracking in Victoria such a wise investment for any logistics-related operations? Here are some of the core benefits of the GPS capabilities we offer:

  • You know where your assets are at all times. Knowledge, awareness and peace of mind are some of the gifts that our trailer tracking software brings to the table. Knowing where your trucks, drivers and assets are at all times not only helps you optimise fleet efficiency and keep tabs on how your drivers are doing and how they are using your vehicles, but it’s also a vital safeguard in case of theft.

  • You can improve the speed and efficiency of your fleet. What’s the fastest route to a destination? When an urgent job comes up, which driver is closest to the pickup location? What can you do to minimise wrong turns and the costly delays they cause? Our Webfleet products provide answers to these questions and many others, giving you and your team new ways to speed up trips and optimise resources. We even have a tool that can measure eco-driving performance and spot where you’re wasting fuel.

  • You can minimise risks. From vehicle maintenance to driver performance and legal compliance factors, our GPS software product incorporates tools for every facet of fleet-related risk management.

What Sets Global GPS Tracking Apart Regarding Asset Tracking in Victoria?

If you’re shopping around for a vehicle monitoring system in Victoria, you might be wondering: what sets Global GPS Tracking apart from other fleet tracking and management systems on the market? Here are a few of our core selling points:

  • Our experience. We’ve been in business for 13 years. We have worked with many different fleet industry clients—a good few of them on a consistent/repeat customer basis—to help them trim waste and inefficiency from their operations. We’ve put our experience to work perfecting the products that we offer.

  • Our customer approval. Our customers have praised us for our ‘end-to-end fleet management solutions’ and for being ‘in sync with the needs of our clients.’ Our strong customer relationships and terrific reputation are the things that make us proudest because they tell us that we are accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves every day.

  • Our robust software. Our tools aren’t just for GPS trailer tracking in Victoria. They’ll tell you where your vehicles are, but they’ll also allow you to track and derive insights from key data, make on-the-fly decisions on best routes, communicate with your drivers through two-way systems and much more.

Why Global GPS Solutions Is Cost-Effective

We built our business as a way of helping fleet-based businesses nationwide find more cost-effective ways of doing business. The search for perfect business efficiency is a never-ending one, but it’s a quest our tools help you with – both now and in the future. Contact us today to get started.

Transform Your Fleet Business with Vehicle Tracking in Melbourne

If you’re working on growing your margins or trim waste and efficiency from your fleet-based business operations, then Global GPS Tracking has the answer—in the form of our systems for vehicle tracking in Melbourne. Our systems have helped make a huge difference for business in many fleet industries, from trucking and logistics to construction and beyond.

Problems a Vehicle Monitoring System in Melbourne Can Help Solve

There are many reasons to invest in a vehicle monitoring system in Melbourne, particularly one with the potential to offer as many features as that of Global GPS Tracking. Here are a few problems that our systems have helped our fleet clients solve:

  • Slower routes. Reaching a destination on time is the cornerstone of any fleet-based operation, which means a slow route and the delays it causes are a huge problem. Our systems allow you to monitor where your drivers are and plot the fastest route to the destination, taking traffic into account. Once you’ve chosen a route, you can send it directly to the driver’s terminal, so they know which roads to take.

  • Vehicle breakdowns and deferred maintenance. When a vehicle travels hundreds of kilometres a day and thousands of kilometres a week, it can be challenging to keep up with schedules for essential maintenance. With better truck or car monitoring tracking in Melbourne, you can monitor how much distance your fleet vehicles have travelled and keep them up to date on scheduled maintenance.

  • Theft-related problems. Theft is a huge concern for fleet managers. It’s also something difficult to prevent when the definition of your business means that key assets must go far beyond your reach. Our systems for asset tracking in Melbourne not only allow you to keep tabs on vehicle locations but also help you create checklists to monitor inventory. These systems make it harder for anything to disappear from under your nose—in turn helping to prevent the massive losses that theft cases can cause.

What to Expect from Global GPS Tracking and Our Vehicle Tracking in Melbourne

At GLOBAL GPS TRACKING we offer an end to end solution or Fleet Management. As part of our solution for you, we have the full range of Webfleet Software-as-a-Service platform and telematics tracking hardware range. We can help convert businesses from paper to paperless with our transport management system to handle all of your deliveries and orders, Sign on Glass, Electronic Proof of Delivery receipts, prestart checklists, driver declarations along with many other features for you and your business including:

  • GPS location tracking

  • Driver performance and behaviour tracking and insights

  • Two-way messaging between fleet manager and drivers

  • Traffic and IQ Routes features for identifying the fastest routes

  • Interactive 3D map tools for drivers

  • Advanced Lane Guidance, for ensuring that drivers don’t miss turns or exits

  • QuickGPSfix feature, for helping drivers correct mistakes and get back on the right route

  • Tools for scanning barcodes, capturing digital signatures and more

  • Managing driver work hours, logbook and activities

  • Tracking driver work hours and whereabouts

  • Inventory checklists

  • Compliance information and warnings

  • Vehicle maintenance and diagnostic alerts

  • Performance data insights

  • Eco-driving performance monitoring

  • Fuel KPI goalsetting 

These features and others have the potential to reshape your fleet management strategy to make it more efficient in every way—from fuel to time to human resource allocation.

About Global GPS Tracking

For the past 13 years, we have been helping fleet-driven businesses find better ways of doing business—both in the office and out on the road. To learn more about what we have to offer in terms of fleet, car and trailer tracking in Melbourne, contact us today.

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