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"As specialist providers of end to end fleet management solutions, Global GPS are in sync with the needs of our clients in the fleet management field. 
Our GPS hardware & software platform is powered by Webfleet Solutions which delivers high quality from the start"

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If you’re looking for a solution that will enhance communication amongst your office team & fleet, help you identify new ways to manage the workflow and job information, along with aiding in maintaining the integrity and performance of your company drivers the Global GPS team can help you.

We look forward to helping your business move confidently into the future with our fleet management solutions tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Explore our products to see what we have to offer, request a live demo to see technology in action or contact us to chat about what you need.

We look forward to helping your business move confidently into the future with our web based, Webfleet Solutions that suit you.

Transport Management Software

Transport Management Software That Aligns With Your Goals

In a world where technology seems to transform every industry more every year, transport management software brings these changes to fleet oversight and not a moment too soon. For managers tired of ringing mobiles all day for driver status updates, and maintenance costs that seem to pile up continuously, the right software tools can be transformative for your business. At Global GPS Tracking, we are proud providers of the SaaS platform known as Webfleet, powered by TomTom Telematics. With Webfleet app installations and the appropriate tech for generating digital proof of delivery receipts, making your business more efficient is within easy reach. What is important to keep in mind as you look at such software?

When Buying Tracking Software, Consider This

Monitoring your fleet of drivers during the workday is about more than just watching dots on a map. With these tools, your capabilities expand considerably — so it makes sense to spend time carefully considering all the options available to you. As you explore what's out there on the market, such as Webfleet, keep these things in mind:

You will need a combination of software and hardware products to make such a system work. GPS trackers and even vehicle sensors all combine to report back to your software with everything you need to know. 

A proper implementation requires experience. Relying on a provider such as Global GPS Tracking is an intelligent way to ensure that your entire investment goes to building a functional system. 

Choose a platform, such as Webfleet, that provides "future proofing" — that is, continuous upgrades and improvements to help your business stay on the cutting edge. 

The Importance of Sign on Glass Technology

Among the other services we offer, Global GPS Tracking also provides access to technologies designed to allow for "signing on glass" — that is, the digital capture of signatures during deliveries. When combined with software tools for fleet management and monitoring, sign-on-glass hardware delivers massive improvements in on-the-ground experiences. Why does that matter?

Your customers receive immediate proof of delivery. For example, after signing on a delivery driver's device, the software generates a POD receipt that automatically emails itself to the client. 

Your business reduces its footprint by stepping away from a reliance on paper documents.

Avoid lost paperwork and gaps in your record keeping. With sign-on-glass technology, your management software records everything automatically. Generate reports or confirm delivery for a customer later if questions arise.

Why Global GPS Tracking is a Cost-Effective Solution

With the easy availability of GPS tracking, web-connected sensors, and other technology today, it's clear that these tools are the key to achieving better efficiencies. At Global GPS Tracking, we take the time to learn about your business while exploring how best to use applications such as Webfleet to your advantage. By providing software deployments and hardware installations that correspond to your needs, we help stretch your investment further and boost ROI in the short and long term. Contact us now to find out more.

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